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Your website in 7 days

You want to get started as a self-employed person and preferably right away?
Then take the shortcut!
Together we will create your website in 7 days.

You can request an appointment free of charge through one of our following channels or you can fill out the form.

*The smartphone version of our site is completely stripped down

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website in 7 days

You want to get started as a self-employed person, preferably right now?
Then take the shortcut! Together we will create your website in 7 days.

Let us create your website
- fast and professional -

7 Tage – 1 Preis = deine Abkürzung: Digitaler Power-Work mit garantiertem Ergebnis

Ahead of the competition

Creative ideas, surprising product galleries. Modern content, forms and elements. This is how Raph's Web designs your new website. A big step into the future.


With one of our website you are always up to date. Updates, design customizations and state of the art plugins are included in our package. The customer will always be notified when new updates are released.


Our customers don't want the mundane, the mass-produced. They want a successful website that surprises. We deliver the ingredients for this ready-made.

Reasonable prices

With us you pay reasonable, adjusted prices for a successful new company page. No free quick shot, which brings nothing. But a good investment for more Internet sales.

Then let me support you as your web designer

Do you know these problems?

7 days digital Power - Work

Day 1:
Strategy & concept

Day 2 - 4:

Day 5 - 7:
& Go live!

Your advantages with me as your web designer

There are countless web designers and web design agencies on the market. So why should you let me create your website?

Sounds good?

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Do you still have questions?

Here you can find my answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes, in addition to my offer you need hosting for your website. Depending on the package you can expect about 8 € per month.

In addition, I charge you from the 2nd year an annual discounted flat rate of $58 net for the license fees of the paid plugins.

If you have additional wishes beyond the package offer, there can be additional costs. But you can be sure that I will always let you know before any additional costs arise. So you always have your expenses in view.

This offer is the right one for you, if you

  • want to start your business as soon as possible
  • want to help with the creation of your website 
  • want to learn how to maintain, expand and optimize your website yourself in the future
  • you are decisive and have strong implementation skills
  • you want to bring your positive business starter mentality 1:1 into your website
  • despite quickness you do not want to do without professionalism and expert advice
  • want a professional all-round carefree package
  • appreciate direct honest feedback and want to implement it directly

It is important to me that you can identify 1:1 with the result of our collaboration. As a solopreneur or self-employed person, identification with your brand identity is extremely important. Therefore, I will neither sell you something you don't want nor leave you alone with a decision. You will always get honest and sound advice from me. 

Yes, of course! You'll learn how to use WordPress and Elementor during our workshop day. So you can edit, extend and maintain your website completely on your own in the future.


Who could describe yourself and your offer better than you? That's right, no one. That's why I work according to the philosophy: the customer creates and delivers the content.

Of course, I will also advise you on your website content during our joint strategy day. In addition, you will receive my e-book "Texten für deine Website" for free.

In order for us to work together to create your website, you'll need clarity about what you're offering above all else, and ideally, you'll already have a distinctive brand design. 

What you don't need is ready-made content, because on our first workshop day we will work out together what content will go on your website. 

All seven days are calculated with 8 hours. However, on the seventh day, you as the customer are only actively involved for about 2 hours. This is when it comes to the final inspection, the handover and the live activation of your website.


As we prepare for the website creation in the best possible way on day 1, we should finish in any case. However, if it really happens that we do not finish, then I will finish the website. In any case, there will be no further follow-up costs for you.


To make sure that doesn't happen, you'll be involved in the creation of your website. You can voice your opinion and contribute ideas at any time. You'll also learn how to change and adapt your website yourself later on.

Before you sign up for anything, we first get to know each other in a 30-minute video call. After all, the best results come when the chemistry is right.

After we get to know each other, I will send you a binding offer and we will arrange the date for our first workshop day.

You can book your free 30 minute preliminary talk here.

Of course you can pay in rates and even without interest. Just talk to me and we will find a suitable payment model for you.